Automation is a key part of a successful and predictable environment. With using modern tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible and more. These tools provide a auditable trail of changes and creates a level of accountability.

Auditable Trail

With automatted deployments and infrastructure provisioning the details are in configuration files that can be controlled by version control software such as git.


With the ability to store configurations inside of Git it allows clear line of changes based off of user accounts.

Infrastructure Tools

Infrastructure as code or IaC, is a set of tools to help manage and automate deployments of both physical and virtual assets either in a datacenter or cloud services. This is done through machine readable configuration files that can be stored in version control software (VCS).

These systems allow for repedative and identical deployments of assets and all changes are documented in the act of writing the configuration files and commiting them to VCS.

Common Tool(s)

  • Terraform

Server Deployment Tools

Deployments of software and system configrations can keep many hundreds of servers consistant and with many options for self repair if something is changed outside of standard deployment processes.

Common Tool(s)

  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • Salt
  • Ansible

Code Deployment Tools

Having automation of infrastructure and server configuration tools are great but the need to get the final product on those resources is the top concern. Code deployment automation can provide the consistancy and time savings required to be agile in todays rapid pace of development.

Common Tool(s)

  • Jenkins
  • CI/CD Pipelines